What is GLASSWARE 2.0?

GLASSWARE 2.0 is the trade name for our proprietary “Platform” for delivery of cloud based virtual software and hardware.

How are you capable of delivering operating systems beyond windows?

We have emulators for a number of various chipsets including X86, Arm, RISC and others.

What operating systems can you virtualize?

We are able to deliver Windows, Linux, Android, Fortran, and many others.

Does your Application Server use a Hypervisor?

No, we deliver multiple connections to hardware without the use of a hypervisor within the app server.

What percentage of the original software features are you able to virtualize and deliver?

100%; Actually, we not only deliver all of the features, when utilized from mobile devices, you are able to use the original features and augment them with additional features such as pinch and zoom or voice to text capabilities.

How complicated is the management console for your application server?

We do not require a separate management system. It actually connects to your existing IT infrastructure and can be managed by your existing Windows systems.

Can you port legacy software to the Cloud?

Yes; and we do so without “any” customization of the original code. This is true for single user software as well as software written for multiple concurrent users (Multi-tenancy).

Once the software is in the Cloud, can you deliver it to Mobile devices? Which ones?

Yes; the full featured software can now be delivered as an app to most mobile devices such as those that run iOS, Android, Smart TV, or Windows Mobile.

Do you deliver software as a virtual desktop?

NO! We are delivering just the software. There is no start button, no additional overhead in the data center. There is no virtual desktop to log into and there are no limitations of a windows only environment.

What about software that requires special hardware to run?

We can deliver some of the most challenging software titles to end users with the complete native feel and performance. For example, through our proprietary platform we can deliver access to real GPU performance for CAD or Video editing software.

How do I buy GLASSWARE 2.0 for my organization?

We are going to market through channel partners such as Overland Storage in the U.S. 1.888.343.7627 or you can contact us at 1.416.749.5999

I am a consumer; can I get access to your products?

Yes, we will be introducing apps for some of the world’s leading desktop software. These apps will be available on Tablets, Smartphones, PCs and Macs through various app stores. To register for notification of when these products are available or join our beta group, click here

Do I need to keep my computer on at work to access the software?

NO! We do not utilize a login to your computer at work when you use our apps. The apps will be hosted in the cloud for you and be available for you to access when and where you need them.

When I use other products they seem "Choppy”, are you different? Why?

There are 2 major factors that create this “Choppy” feel: 1) you are accessing the cloud via a URL or website-quite often your service provider will throttle your connection causing loss of quality. We do not connect via a website with GLASSWARE 2.0 thereby reducing the likelihood of throttling; 2) Virtual environments “fake” certain hardware, such as a GPU, or rely on your local device capabilities thereby creating a slow transcoding of the images you see. We give you access to the software and all the native hardware required for it to run in its optimal state.

I currently use an online service for access to word processing and spreadsheet software but the features are limited for some reason. Will your features be limited?

No, we will not introduce software that does not have 100% of its native capabilities. Our platform allows for the efficient delivery of full functionality.

Can I order the software that I want virtualized by Sphere 3D?

We welcome your suggestions and input. Contact us